The Marium Kahnet book trilogy.


Marium Kahnet Book one description:

Decades after global infanticide wiped out millions on the planet Ramah, deep scars remain in the hearts and minds of the survivors. Though the massacre is over, the merciless Necrogog legions who committed the atrocity still threaten multitudes of star systems... Read more


Marium Kahnet Book two description:

After methodically planning for over fifteen years to exact revenge on those responsible for the merciless slaughter of their families on Ramah, the wayward cadre of the sisterhood has successfully destroyed the Stadageos, and more importantly the heart of the Leviathan project... Read more


Marium Kahnet Book three description:

A prophecy has finally been fulfilled. Jazrene Vallo’s ordained task to refashion the sisterhood is achieved when the Marium Kahnet become representatives in the Grand Assembly of the Mantis Alliance. Her relief and gratitude during this historic event is only multiplied when she learns that not all of her family members were killed during the Necrogog attack thirty years ago… one has survived.

... Read more

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