About the Marium Kahnet

The Marium Kahnet is an organization of holy women established during the Kelkemek wars of the first age. They hold the office of Modroya in the Grand Assembly the supreme authoritative government of the Mantis Alliance. These women often referred to as Mothers or Sisters have far-reaching influence that goes well beyond governments.

The Marium Kahnet strictly adhere to teachings contained within the Kodashah (the holy book of the prophets). As service to Abba El and HIS Messiah, they exemplify the way of the Mantis with manifold ministries toward all societies. Each Marium Kahnet sister, with varying degrees of mastery, can control their body’s living tissue to the cellular level. Additionally, they also possess various supernatural gifts some of which are healing, discerning of spirits, visions, dreams, prophetic knowledge, wisdom and the miracle of raising the dead to life.



Every member of the Marium Kahnet sisterhood must take the sacred oath and those who wish to live their lives accordingly are also encouraged to take the Shabauh oath.


I pledge my life as a vessel of light as I step through the veil of divine purpose. I am cleansed in purity. My head is adorned with humility. The ways of the Marium Kahnet are my life, my heart and my soul belongs to Abba El and in HIS messiah is my salvation.

*The word "Mantis" is taken from the Greek language meaning prophet or seer.

Coming soon: GUARDIAN LEGACY, the next book series in the Mantis Force Universe

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