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5.0 out of 5 stars Very few of us can write this way.

March 10, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

As an English teacher and fellow novelist, I continue to be amazed at the clean and pristinely-written works of R. J. Amezcua. The writing is just fantastic and shows a ‘realism’ that I have seldom seen before.
Here are two beautiful quotes from this book, “Mantis Force Rebirth” the third in this author’s wonderful trilogy. “-the vibrant but deadly blossom sent a wave of chastisement running through her mind.” “The grass is so thick and lovely; it smells delicious and untainted.” This, to me, is simply wonderful writing.
I don’t want to give away the ending or tell too much here, but this trilogy is definitely worth the read. The books are short, only a few hundred pages each, and provide a few hours of great, involving entertainment each. They are books you will want to keep and read over several times.
Honestly, Amezcua’s writing is right up there with the best science fiction authors. I would match him most closely with Arthur C. Clarke, in that the writing is friendly and such that everyone can certainly understand it. I love that style.
I recommend this novel and the others in the trilogy very highly to anyone interested in sci-fi/fantasy works. Remember to begin at the beginning. You won’t need encouragement to read all three. You will love them all!
One more note about the author’s style. In the quotes that I provided and all through the books I had the feeling that we all think this way… but only very few of us can write this way.


Kathryn Frey

5.0 out of 5 stars An Engrossing Third Installment!

April 1, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

In Rebirth, the third installment of Mantis Force: Marium Kahnet we see the aftermath of the rogue sisters attempt to avenge the death of their families and friends. I feel this was the best of the three, this could have been due to my familiarity with the characters after reading the first two books. I had really gotten to know many of the characters and was quite invested in their outcomes. The ending is kind of a cliffhanger, so I hope there are more books forthcoming.
In Rebirth, there are new beginnings and some sad endings. There’s even a budding romance, which was nice to see, since the characters are usually focused on their respective missions. Rediquin is not just a mercenary and several other characters get second chances and opportunities to completely separate from their recent pasts.
There is a dark force that still needs to be dealt with that will likely be a powerful evil. I didn’t realize until this third book that this was intended to be Christian fiction, which explains the biblical parallels and imagery. This book can still be entertaining for those not familiar with the Bible, but the addition of such imagery gives the writing a deeper meaning. Now that I know that, I really want to go back and really pay attention to all of the parallels in the first two books. Overall, an excellent read and I cried at certain parts, which is always indicative of an engrossing book.


Dancan M


5.0 out of 5 stars A True Science Fiction that Will Keep You Reading Up to the End

March 7, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Oh my goodness! I thought that I was watching a real movie of Mantis Force: Retribution by R.J. Amezcua only to find myself comfortable reading the novel just outside my house, a good fictitious book that will completely capture your attention from the start to the end. The author takes us to the planet Ramah where millions of people were wiped out after a global attack leaving the survivors in fear and disgrace. After 30 years when the massacre is over, Jazrene Vallo is seen trailing behind a group of families who seem to follow a dirt pathway through the Teenoke forest toward the cemetery to pay remembrance to the tens of millions who were slaughtered during the attack but there is still some threats from the merciless Necrogog legions who committed the atrocity and now there main aim is to kill the promised Mantis messiah. The surprising part of it is that Jazrene Vallo who is also a member of the Holy Order where Mantis messiah’s mother, Marium Kahnet belongs has lost her beloved family during the Necrogog attack and now she decides to devote her life to sisterhood. Jazrene becomes strong and hires the services of elite mercenaries to help her capture the deadly rogue sisters with the main aim of bringing them back into sisterhood. This in the end brings the sister’s mission into stop and helps protect the bloodstained blemish. The story line becomes more interesting and fun to read when the wayward sisters set a hard to control destruction and now Jazrene must look for a way forward to do away with the destruction. A compelling book that will actually keep you busy throughout the whole story, I just can’t wait to read another release of the second book of Mantis Force by R.J. Amezcua.

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