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Decades after global infanticide wiped out millions on the planet Ramah, deep scars remain in the hearts and minds of the survivors. Though the massacre is over, the merciless Necrogog legions who committed the atrocity still threaten multitudes of star systems, following their primary objective: to kill the promised Mantis messiah, whose birth mother is a member of the Holy Order, Marium Kahnet.

Jazrene Vallo, a member of the Order, lost her beloved family during the Necrogog attack. Now she devotes her life to her sisterhood, following the instructions of a divine messenger to restructure the Holy Order and keep at bay the enemies within the Ramah government who are seeking ways to prosecute her for war crimes. But her plans are interrupted when she receives a report regarding a group of wayward sisters who left Ramah seeking retribution against those responsible for the slaughter of their families, namely the Kravjin—the master sorcerers who orchestrated the attack on Ramah. Out of desperation, Jazrene hires the services of elite mercenaries to capture the deadly rogue sisters and return them to Ramah for assimilation back into the sisterhood. For if she can’t halt their mission, the Order will forever carry a shameful bloodstained blemish.

Unbeknownst to Jazrene Vallo, the wayward sisters have already set unimaginable destruction in motion that cannot be stopped.


After methodically planning for over fifteen years to exact revenge on those responsible for the merciless slaughter of their families on Ramah, the wayward cadre of the sisterhood has successfully destroyed the Stadageos, and more importantly the heart of the Leviathan project: the celestial laboratory complex where malignant elements from the dark realms of Creminmorta were used to create the Leviathan warrior races.

But the taste of victory turns bittersweet when the rogue sisters learn that as the result of destroying their enemy’s facilities, they have released unimaginable amounts of lethal radiation. With the governing authorities overwhelmed by global catastrophes, and with limited resources available to the millions of casualties, civil war has broken out on the planets Letalis and Necropis.

Desperate to escape the fate of the others associated with the Leviathan project, who have been summarily executed after interrogation, the sisters join their adapted family’s criminal originations as a means of escape from the wide net cast to apprehend them. But unbeknownst to them, the leader of their Order has hired the services of elite mercenaries to capture and return them, dead or alive.



A prophecy has finally been fulfilled. Jazrene Vallo’s ordained task to refashion the sisterhood is achieved when the Marium Kahnet become representatives in the Grand Assembly of the Mantis Alliance. Her relief and gratitude during this historic event is only multiplied when she learns that not all of her family members were killed during the Necrogog attack thirty years ago… one has survived.

But the joy of her reunion with her loved one is tempered when she receives reports that a faction of wayward sisters has joined a necromancer Order, the Saurcine. They plan to bring forth the Krevomax, the Tisrad Dragon’s messiah and the ultimate evil in the galaxy. Faced with no other alternative to combat this new threat, Jazrene Vallo activates the sisterhood’s elite warriors, the Criss Lumbra. Their mission—to seek out and destroy the spawn of the Tisrad Dragon. Failure to do so will unleash war and carnage across the universe on an unimaginable scale, and mean the end of the sisterhood Jazrene spent her whole life trying to save.

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